What is the Dancing Music Show ?

entertainement is a job entertainement is a career entertainement is a mk2

So many people on stage, everybody jumping around, shouting, sharing sweat in sounds, lights and dance...
Techno mixed with mixed with Rap mixed with Soul mixed with Pop mixed with Big Beat mixed with Gospel mixed with 80's mixed with Rn'B mixed with Rock n' Roll mixed with Industrial mixed with House mixed with Heavy Metal mixed with The kind of music you hear sometimes in yr supermarket ....
played at a very loud volume / total fake / sweat everywhere / better than porn / kinky musical references



Line up :

Volvo Traxx : Mix
Rubin Steiner : Roland synth, megaphone, secret CDs
Placido : Samples and voice
François Pirault : Images
Horn Pusher : Trumps
Da boulez : Megaphone
The Green Dancers : Fake
Guests guests guests guests
Line up may change according to dates


Average Playlist :

Chic LFO Primal Scream Georges Benson Mickael Jackson Red Alert Rubin Steiner Benny B vs Assasin Soul Brigades Renegade Soundwave Daft Punk Cypress Hill EMF Public Enemy Fat Boy Slim Beastie Boys S-express Amon Tobin Kiss Merzbow John Spencer Blues Explosion Whatever you d'like to hear and who care about name dropping after all ? We just care about beat and groove and fun....and about you maybe.


Volvo in full effect

>> Concu au début comme étant une éspèce de 'support band' pour les live de Rubin Steiner,
devenu ensuite son foutoir propre,
le Dancing Music Show n'est malheureusement plus en activité.
(sauf si vous payez trés cher)

pour mémoire :
08 04 00 The Dancing Music Show Orléans / l'astrolabe
06 04 00 The Dancing Music Show Tignes / Snowtronix
04 03 00 The Dancing Music Show Paris / Batofar
05 02 00 The Dancing Music Show Bourges / Germinal
29 02 00 The Dancing Music Show Joué les Tours / MJC
02 12 99 The Dancing Music Show Rennes / Transmusicales